Anonymous: Hi.. I'm 16 and I literally have no boobs, like i'm not those girls that says oh I'm an A cup and everything. I literally have NOTHING. Do you have any advices ? i don't know if it's because I'm underweight

Hi! I think being underweight may have some problems to do with having no breasts. If you aren’t getting enough nutrients then your body may delay developing breasts because you simply do not have what is needed inside your body. I would suggest eating things with lots of calcium, such as milk and yogurt, and things with iodine, such as eggs and strawberries. Most girls start developing their breasts by age 13, around when they first get their period. If you have already gotten your period but your breasts still aren’t developing, I would definitely go see a doctor about it as soon as possible. -eggplant

Anonymous: One of my best friends is a girl and she's bi. yesterday she told me her dream was to kiss me and to be hers. But I don't feel comfortable doing that with her because it would be awkward even though I've kissed a girl before... also because I'm head over heels for a guy. I don't know what to do, I don't want to end our friendship :(

Tell her that you’re not interested in that kind of way but you would still really like to remain friends. Reassure her that it just means you want to maintain your friendship with her and it doesn’t mean that you hate her. Good luck! -eggplant

Anonymous: to anyone who just got their heart broken, it can heal!! i broke up with my ex in january and now im finally over him so just remember that it takes some time, but it is possible to get over people!! dont give up ok? ^^

Thanks for the advice ^~^ -eggplant

Anonymous: okay so ive like this guy ever since he pulled this "prank" on me last year. he did it during sci-class. we sat pretty close to each other&out of no where he knelt down and said "______ will you be my girlfriend?" and yes my face got peachy and stuff. everyone noticed but somehow my science teacher didnt. i didnt reply for a while [1 day]and he said " oh nvm its a joke" ever since dec. i started liking him. but i dont know if he still likes me or something. what should i do?

If he had the guts to publicly ask you out, I’m sure he had some feelings for you. It’s hard to tell if he still likes you now that it’s been a year. Maybe get some friends to try to ask him if he still likes you? Or you can try to ask him if what happened was really a “joke.” Maybe try to analyze his behavior around you and see if it seems like he still likes you. I know it’s difficult to confess (and maybe a little awkward too), but you can always try telling him your feelings. I think your best bet would be to get friends (or his friends) to see if he still likes you. Good luck! -eggplant

Anonymous: Ive been feeling distant from my friend and it doesnt help that we dont have any classes together this year. now she has these online friends that she talks to way more than me and she tags them in posts and whatnot. Am i immature for being jealous?

No; it’s not immature to be jealous because of this. It’s natural that you feel a little jealous when a close friend spends more time with other people. Maybe try to talk to her or try to spend more time with her? -eggplant

Anonymous: I'm turning 16 this year and I don't wear any makeup. It's possible that I could be getting an internship this summer and wanted to know if you guys think makeup is more professional/preferred in general. I notice a lot of girls my age wearing at least eyeliner/concealer. I'm not against makeup, it's just I've never found a use for it and I want another opinion on whether I should start wearing makeup, and how often. Thanks~

Hi! I’m turning 17 soon and I NEVER wear makeup. And I’m also going to do a summer program this summer so I’m pretty much in the same situation. Since I don’t wear makeup, I’m not sure how qualified I am to answer this but I’ll try to help. I think a little makeup can be considered professional. Like a little touch that makes you look a little more sophisticated or mature. But caking your face with products and mascara and whatever will make you look like a clown and that’s definitely not professional. I totally agree with you, because I’ve never found a use for makeup either. I think it’s better to keep your skin natural and product free, but if you want to try wearing makeup, maybe try wearing it once or twice a week, and if you like how you feel with makeup on, then try wearing makeup more often! You can try for a few weeks and always stop wearing makeup if you feel like there’s no use. -eggplant

Anonymous: Lovely blog <3 So i, a female, happen to like my male best friend who is gay. we've already established we want to live together, but he met this boy in one of his classes and they don't ever stop talking. I feel like i've become third wheel in something that i knew I never had a chance with. However, I want what's best for him, so how is the best way to cope with this, while being as supportive as possible? Thank you and have a LOVELY day!

Thank you <333 I guess the best way to cope with it is to continue supporting him and being his best friend. That’s the best you can do as a friend and as someone who likes him. I know it’s tough. I’m in something similar at the moment but if you want him to be happy, you want to be there for him and care for him as a friend. I guess you could tell him you have feelings for him but seeing as he is gay, that would be quite awkward. There really isn’t much you could do sadly. You have to endure it as much as you can and put him first. -pickle

Anonymous: how should you approach an introverted person that you somewhat ignored for more than 2 months (because you only realised now that you accidentally did) if you are an introverted person yourself?

Maybe start by saying hello and being friendly with that person. It might seem weird because you’ve been ignoring that person for a while, but just start small by saying hi whenever you see that person and smiling. A smile gesture will do just to let that person know you notice them (and possibly want to be friends). -eggplant

Anonymous: It's that wary about a guy anon again;; he told me he did something for another girl and got no sleep because of it but he won't tell me?? like he said "only she should know unless you wanna know too" like wtf

O.O Oh dang. Maybe it’s something personal between them, like maybe he did a favor for her and she didn’t appreciate it or something? I wouldn’t worry too much about it because maybe it’s nothing serious. It might be too personal for him to share, so don’t try to make him reveal what happened.  On the bright side, at least he’s telling you these things, right? I hope things work out for you guys. -eggplant

Anonymous: There's this guy I like and supposedly he likes me too but he talks to a lot of other girls. Like he took a break from some of his skype friends and is only talking to girls now so I'm kind of wary as to whether or not he actually likes me. What should I do? ;;

I think you’re right to be wary because you never know if he’s really into you or is interested in other girls too. Since you like him, I think it’s best to just keep your distance just to make sure you don’t fall too hard and it ends up that he doesn’t like you as much as he “supposedly” does. Yeah, taking a break from his Skype friends might mean he’s tired of hanging around dudes and wants company from the other gender. My friend’s ex used to talk to girls a lot when he was dating my friend. He talked to a bunch of girls but it didn’t mean that he was interested in them. It’s okay for a guy to have girl friends too! If I were you, I’d just be a little careful, because I don’t want you to get hurt if it turns out he’s not very interested in you. On the other hand, he might just like talking to girls as only friends so don’t worry too much about him talking to other girls. Good luck! -eggplant